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HER: She Loves Data is a new concept research center.

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Who are we?

HER: She Loves Data deals with the role of Data and Computation in our psychology, relationality, sociality and in our ability to thrive and express in our enviroment.

HER: She Loves Data does not use extractive methods: data and computation are dealt with as an existential factor of our lives, and of the ways in which actors in our ecosystem are able to express and represent themselves. They are not extracted from bodies, behaviours and environments, to be then processed, analysed and represented in the separation of the laboratory. Rather, they are generated by the actors of the ecosystem and by the ways in which they autonomously decide to group and represent themselves. These data live within new forms alliances among researchers, people, computational agents and the enviroment, in which all actors become active partners of research.

HER: She Loves Data uses Art as a modality for participatory knowledge. The research center studies, experiments and designs the new ritualities in which data and computation manifest themselves in people’s lives, and in the ones of organizations, institutions and of non-human actors – for example in the environment, or under the form of actors with legal personality, or computational actors –, according to the ways in which they inhabit our planet, alone and in relation with others.

The knowlege model that constitutes the fundamental infrastructure of the research center is the Archive of the Rituals of the New Living (Archivio dei Rituali del Nuovo Abitare).

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